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Soft Flap Barrier

MAIN FEATURES OF Soft Flap Barrier

  • Soft flap barrier is equipped with bi-directional throughput feature, made especially for quick access control in areas with high traffic but limited space.
  • Armed with brushless DC motor, which ensures low maintenance & long life.
  • Barrier’s wings gate is coated by Polyurethane Integral Skin foam.
  • Prudent & luxurious design that fits with any type of prestigious entry hall.
  • Flap doors for quick opening & closing.
  • Can be enhanced with tailgating feature.
  • Mechanical & electronic locking in closed position prevents fraudulent entry.
  • Triggers automatic opening in event of an emergency.
  • Long life cycles & low operating cost.
  • Comfortable passage.
  • It can be easily integrated with wide variety of access control system.
  • Variety of attractive design for single & multiple installations are available.

Integrate our Product with any type of access control System

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Technical Features

Power Supply

230 V AC

Control Circuit

24 V DC

Nominal Consumption

75W(Peak-100 W)


30 people (with Push Button)

Ambient Operating Temperature

0° to +50° C

IR sensor


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