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Mantrap Tubestile

Main features of Mantrap Tubestile

  • Siva tubestile offers the highest level of personnel access control with presence, passage, detection, as a standard security parameters.
  • More free inside space and aesthetically much better than old.
  • More secure as all 4 sides are visible.
  • Bi-directional Control.
  • Normally Locked Mode
  • Smooth & Silent Operation.
  • Less footprint.
  • Optional TCP-IP based interface for remote counting.
  • Go-NO GO Visual Indication.
  • Optional Left-out luggage alarm.

Integrate our Product with any type of access control System

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Technical Features

Walkway Passage

598 x 1950 mm (+/-10 mm)

Door Locking

Electro-magnetic Locks are used to keep both the doors lock in the rest position

Main Supply

230V AC +/-10% 50Hz, Single Phase

Power Consumption

Standby: 120Watt max, During Operation:- 240 Watt Max


BLDC Motors based drive. Motor 24 Volts DC


32 bit Micro-controller Based


# Absolute encoders to detect operation.
# Weighing Scale to detect presence of person inside the booth
# Duel Zone Safety Mat for multi-person detection

Emergency Release

In case of emergency both doors are opened


4-5 peoples per minute.


Walkway functions as both entry and exit.


With any access control device/panel/reader PFC of one second pulse required.

Fail Safe

Both doors can be opened manually incase of power failuer.

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