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Swing Gate- Square Type

MAIN FEATURES OF Swing Gate- Square Type

  • Series comes armed with brushless DC motor which ensures low maintenance & lasts long.
  • Mechanical & electronic locking in closed position prevents fraudulent entry.
  • Encoder ensures precise position and center alignment.
  • Triggers automatic opening in event of an emergency.
  • It can be easily integrated with wide variety of access control system.
  • It is an Ideal addition for tripod turnstile, full height turnstile, sensor barriers and for goods transportation.
  • Bi-directional Control
  • Green (Arrow) & Red (Cross) visual indication
  • Toothed helical gear with positive braking gearbox prevents forced entry/ unauthorized entry.

Integrate our Product with any type of access control System

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Technical Features

Power Supply

180-270 V AC, 50 Hz

Control Circuit

24 V DC

Nominal Consumption



12-15 People

Ambient Operating Temperature

0° to +50° C


Safety Mat (Optional)

IR sensor

02 IRs(Optional)

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