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Driven by Dynamic leadership of Mr. M K Birmani

Sivananda Electronics has been manufacturing products with breakthrough technologies in India since 1970 in the field of Electronics Test & Measuring Instruments and Security Systems . 100% indigenous Metal detector was developed for the first time in India by Sivananda Electronics in 1975, using innovative design and supplied to every user in the Country including all National & International airports, para military forces, state police, customs,ordnance depots etc. We have developed Full Height Turnstile and Tripods for the first time in India in 1988.We have supplied 300 KMs of Electric Power Fence to Indian Army in record time of four months and installed at LOC at J & K. More than 150 different types of Electronic Test & Measuring instruments have been indigenously developed for industries in the field of power, cable, communication, petroleum ,railways etc, and are exported to more than 72 Countries. Product excellence reflects only one component of our customer commitment. Some of our esteemed customers are Nuclear power plants, BARC, Infosys Ltd, Wipro, Capgemini, Tata consultancy, DRDO, Prisons, Railway, Tata Sons, ICICI bank, state electricity boards, Navy , Air force, CISF etc .We have largest installed base for Turnstiles in India since last 25 years. All sites of Nuclear power plants, BARC & Heavy water plants are using our Turnstiles from more than 20 years. More than 400 turnstiles lanes are operational at these sites. More than 1000 Tripods are installed at various locations of Infosys Ltd all over India. We are the only Indian Company who have complete Entrance Control product range and number of turnstiles working for more than 15 to 20 years at different sites. As the Country’s leading and trusted brand in metal detectors and Turnstiles , we supply state of art and value for money products and support each customer’s most demanding needs. We are committed to corporate social responsibility and implement lot of unique initiatives in the field of hunger free town, education, food for all, and holistic medical therapies. Driven by Dynamic leadership of M K Birmani , our Managing Director who is graduate from IIT Kharagpur with a passion of research and innovative solutions.

Sivananda Electronics