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Ferro Guard - Single Zone

main features of Ferro Guard - Single Zone

  • Plug & Play Devices.
  • Simple, Secure & user friendly.
  • Full Body Scanning.
  • Convert screening possible.
  • Robust aluminium / acrylic design.
  • Simple to Operate.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Highly portable for rapid deployment.
  • Uniform coverage from head to toe.
  • Greater Sensitivity.
  • Intuitive display.
  • Two metal detectors do not interfere each other when placed one feet apart and adjust automatically.

Technical Features

Sensitivity Setting

8 step control for each of outer back-ground and clear sensitive setting.

Search Zone

Full Body Scanning - Full 360 deg. arround the pole

Control Unit

Advanced signal processing electronics of a highly sophisticated nature.


Prominent, high visibility, top mounted beacon indicator


Fully Automatic


Auto Visual Indication.
Beacon Indicator.
Audible Alarms.


Does not emit any electromagnetic radiation. As such it is entirely safe for scanning subjects with any medical implants (including pacemakers) and for scanning pregnent women.

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