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Automatic C & Tan d Bridge Model: MLS-11DA & HLS-5A


  • Data logging with graph of Voltage vs Tan d to know the tan d gradient & Data-analysis
  • For comparison with old result / manufacturer's data.
  • As per IEC Temperature correction for Tan d @ 20Deg.
  • Automatic interference suppression suitable for extraneous conditions in.
  • 400Kv switch yard under heavy induction.
  • USB connectivity with PC/Laptop.
  • Built-in Temperature & Humidity.

Technical Features

Test Voltage

0 to 5 kV

Rated Current

100mA Continuous

200mA Short term

Automatic & software controlled voltage setting to avoid abrupt voltage rise.

Automatic selection of seven different modes of operation for measurement of 3 terminal object from windows based software .

1) UST - Ungrounded Specimen test - 3 combinations

This mode is used when the object under test is not grounded.

This test provides most accurate results.

2) GST - Grounded Specimen test

This mode is used when the object under test is permanently grounded. This

test is used more often in outdoor installations, power systems etc.

3) GSTg - Grounded specimen test with guard. 3 combinations.

This mode is used for measuring them stray capacitances and separating

them from basic measurement in GST mode.

Standard capacitor

100pF, 6kV built-in

Input Frequency

From 50 Hz ( lines frequency) , ± 5%.

Power Required

230 VAC ± 10%, 1 phase AC , 50Hz.

Safety Features

Zero start control

Open ground indicating lamp with double grounded connection

External interlock.

HT cut off on overload

HT ON & Supply ON indication.

All operating controls at earth potential

Necessary terminals & Sockets for connection to Bridge

Safety Specifications

IEC 61010 complied.

Vibration Suitability

ASTM D 999 complied.

EMI/EMC Specications

Conducted & Radiated Emission EN 61326 complied,

Radiated Susceptibility

IEC61000-4-3 complied,

Electrical Fast Transients

IEC61000-4-4 complied

Surge Test

IEC61000-4-5 complied,

Conducted Susceptibility

IEC61000-4-6 complied,

Power Freq. Magnetic Field Immunity

ImmunityIEC61000-4-8 complied

Voltage dips / Interuption

IEC61000-4-11 complied.

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