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Hand Held Metal Detector SMD-100

main features of Hand Held Metal Detector SMD-100

  • Fully automatic self adjusting circuits.
  • In-built Battery Charger.
  • Detects all Metal Objects, Ferrous & Non-ferrous including stainless steel.
  • Very quick and clear response to metal objects with proportional audible (buzzer) & Visible (LED) indicators.
  • Casing made up of high resistant ABS.
  • Large scanning area.
  • Standard 9V Alkaline Battery or rechargable with external charger.
  • Optional Earplug Connection
  • Safe on Cardiac Pace-maker & Magnetic tapes.
  • Feild strength does not exceeds the limit set by the NILECJ-0602 standard.
  • Buzzer sounds continuously when battery needs to be changed or recharged.

Technical Features


280 gms approx. (w/o battery).

Power Supply

Standard 9V battery or rechargable Ni-Cd.
Continuous operation (10% alarm time) with alkaline battery 40h and with rechargable battery 14 h (Rechargable time 14h)

Operating Temperature

0 - 50 deg C.

Relative Humidity

0 - 95% noncondensing

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