• 1. 2Wheeler Barrier design ensures aslant retraction of barrier arm which ensures safety as compared to conventional boom barrier.

  • 2. Prudent & luxurious design that fits with any type of prestigious parking bay

  • 3. Quick opening & closing of barrier arm for high throughput

  • 4. It comes fully Loaded with safety sensors which ensures avoidance of collision of 2-Wheeler with Barrier arm

  • 5. Mechanical & electronic locking in closed position prevents fraudulent entry

  • 7.Triggers mautomatic opening in event of an emergency

  • 8. Long lifecycles & low operating cost

  • 9. Comfortable passage

  • 10. It can be easily integrated with wide variety of access control system


Brushless DC motor based drive & Sensor Controlled Passageway with automatic retractable barrier.


It supports bidirectional throughput. It ensures comfortable passage in area with high traffic & limited space


Two Wheeler Barrier design consists of housing with built in control logic board (CLB). The design of the housing is made sleek and sturdy which results in less usage of space & reduced weight. A well-synchronized retracting operation of barrier arm being controlled by one control signal. Astute visual indication , this gives intuitive guidance to the pedestrian. The design ensures safe passage with aslant movement of barrier arm. With safety clearance of at least 20mm – 50mm between the barrier arm and dummy.

Visual Indication

It is equipped with LED display with bright pictogram on the side panel for status and direction indication (standard feature).

  • 1. 2 Wheeler Barrier Housing comes in Matt finish & mirror finish (optional at extra cost)

  • 2. Housing is also available in Mild steel single coat black color/RAL7035 finished powder coating .

  • 3. Barrier Arm is manufactured of AISI304 Stainless steel (1.5mm) , mirror finish.

Access Control Integration
  • 1. Electrical control for both entry and exit operation are standard.

  • 2.The Unit can be activated either by authorization of an entry control system (RFID based smart card/ Biometric authentication) or/and by a by push button at the guard station

  • 1. Operating Voltage : 180-270 V AC,50Hz

  • 2. Opening & Closing Time : Less than 2 Sec

  • 3. Control Circuit : 24 V Dc

  • 4. Nominal Consumption : 50W

  • 5. Capacity/Minute : 10-15 two-wheelers

  • 6. Ambient Operating Temperature : 0° to +50° C

  • 7. Net weight (approx 1 Lane ) : 45 Kg

  • 8. IR safety sensor : They provide safe & secure passage for rider

2 Wheeler Boom Barrier

 Two Wheeler Barrier