• 1. SLB series comes armed with Brushless DC motor this ensures low maintainance & lasting.

  • 2. Prudent & luxurious design that fits with any type of prestigious entry hall

  • 3. Equipped with maintainance free (worm) gearbox

  • 4. Encoder ensures precise position and centre alignment

  • 5. SLB series comes full loaded with tailgating feature for detecting trolley, luggage

  • 6. Swing doors are intelligently coalesce with illuminating LED effect

  • 7. Mechanical & electronic locking in closed position prevents fraudulent entry

  • 8. It can be easily integrated with wide variety of access control system

  • 9. Many operating modes covering all possible pedestrian access control scenarios

  • 10. The SLB series is equipped with bidirectional throughput feature, made especially for quick access control in areas with high traffic but limited space

  • 11. Mechanical & electronic locking in closed position prevents fraudulent entry

  • 12. Audible Visual alarms

  • 13. Triggers automatic opening in event of an emergency

  • 14. Safety photocells


Brushless DC motor based drive with worm gear box ,encoder & Sensor Controlled Passageway with automatic swing doors.


SLB series supports bidirectional controlled throughput of pedestrian & handicapped person/material movement without increasing the width of the cabinet.


SLB series design is aesthetically pleasing and it does not alter the passage width. Its design consists of housing with built in control logic board (CLB). The design of the housing is made sleek and sturdy which results in less usage of space & reduced weight. Two acrylic flaps obstruct passage. In this case the 2 gates will be able to provide well-synchronized operation being controlled by one control signal. Astute visual indication is incorporated into the flaps, this gives intuitive guidance to the pedestrian. The design ensures safe passage without entrapment & pinching points with safety clearance of at least 20mm – 50mm between the flap doors.

Visual Indication

SLB series is armed with swing doors coalesce with illuminating LED effect & lane indicators on the top panel; this gives pedestrian an instinctive visual guidance edge. For better user guidance the flap doors are incorporated with LED illuminate distinct colors. For authorized entry the LED illuminated swing doors turn GREEN. For unauthorized, tailgating & wrong entry it turns RED.

  • 1. SLB Housing & base columns comes in Matt finish & mirror finish (optional at extra cost)

  • 2. Rotor Arm is made up of AISI304 Stainless steel (2.0 mm) tube, mirror finish (Dia- 20mm).

  • 3. Swing Doors comes in Acrylic material (18mm (-2mm))

Access Control Integration
  • 1. Electrical control for both entry and exit operation are standard.

  • 2.In case of emergency SLB series can be configured to fail safe mode ie. Swing doors remain open till it gets the pulse.

  • 3. It can be controlled by any third party access control systems SLB series gives client ability of choosing either pulse or potential control mode for correct operation of swing gate barrier with any access control systems. In both control mode the swing gate barrier is operated by input of the control signal to the connector block

  • 4. In case of power failure SLB series can be configured either fail safe or fail locked mode. Internal battery back up is provided for fail safe operation. In fail safe mode SLB doors open automatically


SLB Series is a modular product . It can be installed as a single or a multi lane array of SLB-100-1's can be combined with SLB-100-2's ( For pedestrian with reduced mobility)

Dimension Formula

Array SLB-100-1 Combined with SLB-100-2 Total No of Boxes= No Of Lane + 1 Dimension of Array= (Total No of Boxes *200)+(650* No of standard lane)+(900*No of wide lane

Control Mechanism
  • 1. Powerful DC Brushless motor ensuring low maintenance & long life. Worm gear box (1:20) is provided which ensures

  • 2. Encoder is incorporated to control the position & speed of the swing doors with precision. Exact centering alignment & opening of swing doors is achieved by using rotary Encoders (resolution of 0.5 Degree).

  • 3. Controller ensures progressive accelerations & gradual decelerations for safe movement without vibrations.


SLB series is controlled via the CLB (Control Logic Board) placed inside the SLB housing. The CLB microcontroller processes the incoming commands, keeps tracks of the signals from the sensors, generates commands to the control mechanism and operates external devices. The standard features are as follows:

  • - Input facility for unblocking the SLB series at the fire alarm command or from emergency unblocking button;
  • - Pre-ser timeout facility
  • - Single alarm relay output for connection of remote devices such as indicators, status lights, intrusion detector, sensors and sirens.
Power Failure/ Fire Alarm
  • 1. SLB series can be configured either fail safe or fail lock mode. Internal Battery Backup is provided .In fail safe mode flap doors will retract inwards.

  • 2. The flap doors will not retract outwards till the power is restored or till it recieves emergency signal incase of emergency . Once the power is back or it stops receiving signal the door will retract outwards automatically

Adjunct accessories
  • 1. SLB series can be equipped with Sensors to detect Tailgating.

  • SLB series can be equipped with Sensors to detectcrawling jumping over the box & rotor arms.

  • 1. Power Supply : 230 V AC

  • 2. Control Circuit : 24 V DC

  • 3. Nominal Consumption : 75W ( Peak-100 W)

  • 4. Capacity/Minute : 20Person

  • 5. Ambient Operating Temperature : 0° to +50° C

  • 6. Ambient Operating Temperature : 90 Kg

  • 7. Passage is electronically controlled in both directions by a high density matrix of at least 12 sensors: They provide safe & secure passage for children & pedestrian with trolleys

Swing Lane Flap Barrier( SLB Series) For pedestrian , people with reduced mobility & service personnel

Swing Lane Flap Barrier