• 1.Fast and Accurate PC/Lap Top based Automatic Digital Surge Tester with Windows software.

  • 2. Master less testing.

  • 3. Statistical analysis.

  • 4. Cumulative reports.

  • 5. Raw report.

  • 6. Individual Pass/Fail Reports.

  • 1.Automatic Digital Surge Comparison Tester Model: ADST -10 Suitable for testing traction motor.

  • 2.Single Phase & Three Phase winding.

  • 3. LT, AC, DC motors and wound stator coils to locate coil to coil.

  • 4. phase to phase and turn to turn short circuits.

  • 5. reverse coil connections.

  • 6. open coils and faulty insulation to ground.

Test Position Test Voltage 0-10kV (Adiustable)
Pulse Current 630 Amps. Max.
Pulse Energy 5 Joules Max. Two Channels
Test Position II Test Voltage 0-1kV (Adiustable)
Pulse Energy 1000 Amps. Max.
Pulse Energy 2.5 Joules Max. One Channels
Inductance of the Object Mon 10μH
Voltage Setting Accuracy ± 2%
Digital Surge Tester is fully Automatic & operated by Computer only.
Surge Wave form captured by single pulse triggering.
Pass/Fail Detector 1. By Area comparison
2. By Differential area comparison
3. By Corona comparison
Coil To Coil Comparison Wave form storage comparison
No.of cycles to be Compared Able to compare predefined cycles by setting start and end points of wave form to be compare
Testing Software Windows Xp or Windows 7
Report Generation in PC with Serial Number and Date wise. 1. Pass/Fail Report
2. Raw Report
3. Cumulative Report
With Statistical Analysis Software

Automatic Digital Surge Comparison Tester Model: ADST-10