SIVA walk-through type of Metal Detector is designed to detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals concealed on a person in any conceivable manner. The search-coil and control module are housed in and aesthetically designed archway which can blend into any sophisticated decor.The archway is designed for quick installation and erection

SIVA Metal Detectors are backed by effective after-sales service, provided by a team of trained technicians. Plugin card system enables the user to keep the downtime min. standardized plug-in spares are available readily.

  • 1. Auto Set Calibration, no setting required once the metal detector is switched ON.

  • 2. Specially design for pilferage application of non-ferrous like copper , brass at the same time offered less sensitivity for ferrous metals.

  • 3. Wide range of sensitivity, up-to 9 levels settable through thumbwheel switch.

  • 4. Audio & Visual alarm on metal detection.

  • 5. Walk Stop Indicator for flow control.

  • 6. Plug in type PCB for easy of maintenance.

  • 7. Side Panel & control unit are detachable for ease of transportation.

  • 8. Metal Detector Frame made of FRP Frame.

  • 9. Infrared Sensor for counting the traffic and battery back up for two hours (optional).

  • 1. Power: 230 VAC +/- 10% 50 Hz

  • 2. Visual indication: Bar graph & LED

  • 3. Audio indication: Buzzer

Sensitivity :

  • 1. Low for object like grenades,

  • 2. Optimum for weapon detection & High for small object of size 25 mm side cube of ferrous metals like iron.

Dimension and space

  • 1. Passage Clearance: 1920 X 720 X 610 mm

  • 2. Overall dimension : 2090 X 840 X 610 mm

  • 3. Floor Space required: 840 X 610 MM

  • 4. Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degree C

  • 5. Humidity: 90% non-condensing

Walk Through Door frame metal detector Model SM-4F (For Pilferage Application)

Single Zone Metal Detector