Sivananda Electronics has maintained its leadership in the field of entrance control solution sice 1970 through its R & D work and after sales support through out India. We have supplied more than 1000 turnstiles through out India including Defense, Nuclear power plants,Oil refineries, amusement park, film city , BPO ,etc. Our product range in entrance control solutions include Tripod, Half height, ¾ Height, Full Height dual /single Lane, Clearstlye, Boom barrier, Retractable Flap barrier, Tubestile,Motorized Drop Arm tripod etc. Now we present the new generation of handicapped /individual with cart access control: P type Swing gate.

P type swing gate is specially designed for the disabled ,large package entry, individuals with carts ,trolley entry etc. Pgate: 1000 is fully motorized bi-directional gate and can be used in standalone or along with the tripod turnstiles. Smooth & silent motorized drive mechanism along with safety features ensures high comfort to the user. Pgate swings 90 degree in both the directions. Pgate allows maximum opening of 900 mm. Two opposite Pgate configured facing each other work simultaneously to provide extra wide clear walkway fro movement of larger objects in & out of secured area.

Materials & Finishes: units are finished as per customer choice like 316 or 304 stainless steel either with mat or glossy finish OR Mild Steel powder coated cabinet.

Design & Construction:

  • • Designed for secured & reliable operation with aesthetics in mind

  • • Cabinet or Central Pillar is constructed from 16 gauge stainless steel material .P type arms (gate wing) are constructed from 50 mm & 25 mm diameter (14 gauge)

  • • Minimal exposed hardware.

Drive unit:

Blockable single phase AC Motor and positive locking mechanism with directional release.


The Pgate is controlled via micro-controller logic unit. The standards features are: One PFC input for opening/closing the mechanism in each direction.

Adjustable opening time

from 2, 4, 8, 10 seconds


In the event of an emergency or power loss the p gate is fail safe and it can be opened by pushing swing arm.

Technical parameters:

  • 1. Power supply: 230 V AC 50Hz +/- 10%

  • 2. Power consumption: 30 Watt in standby and 45 watt in peak.

  • 3. Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degree C.

  • 4. Humidity: Maximum 90%.


  • 1. Cabinet type : Arm Length.

  • 2. Height : 1020 MM 750 MM OR 900 MM

  • 3. Width : 250 MM`

  • 4. Depth: 420 mm

  • 5. Opening & Closing Time: 4 Second

  • 6. Safety : If person stand in the walk way , arm of the gate will not hurt the person.

  • 7. Integration: Can be integrated with any access control system.

Swing Gate Model Pgate:1000

Motorized Type Swing Gate