The motorised (Automatic) Oil Insulation test Kit is intended to be used for testing of Dielectric strength of insulating oils used in transformers & circuit breakers. The kit comprises of following:-
 A control unit with a HT-transformer operates on mains voltage of 220 Volts.
 A robust & sturdy motorised variac is provided to increase the voltage from 0 to 100 KV.
 Zero start facility is provided for safety.
 The HV chamber with interlocking to ensure operator safety.
 Digital volt meter for reading 0 to 100 KV.
 Over voltage protection.
 Very fast tripping at dielectric breakdown.
 Automatic Motorised oil BDV with rate of rise of 0.5KV- 5KV / Sec **
 Push button's for control.
 A testing transformer of 1000 VA capacity for output 100 KV with 2 terminal bushings to support the testing cell with studs mounted on top of transformer.
 Oil testing cell has mushroom cell, dimensions & gap in accordance with IS specifications with a gauge to calibrate the gap.

  • 1. POWER SUPPLY 220V AC, 50Hz, single phase.

  • 2. Indication : 3 ½ Digital panel meter.

  • 3. Resolution: 1KV

  • 4. Accuracy : ± 1% ± 1kV

  • 5. CONTROLS : Separate switches for increase ,decrease HT ON & OFF , stirror Safety interlock for HV chamber and open ground for operator safety.Protected against overloads & Short circuit.

  • 6. FEATURES : Rate of rise of voltage 0.5 KV to 5KV per sec Compact, epoxy potted HV TF teflon bushing for resting oil cell.Seperate push button controls with built in lamp indication. Special robust switch provided for HT ON.

  • 7. ACCESSORIES : Oil test vessels with lid. Mushroom electrodes fitted to test set. Users / instruction manual.

  • 8. DIMENSIONS : L=710x B=330x H= 330mm ± 10mm
    • a) Timer facility provided for Stir Time.
    • b) Facility to select Rate of Rise Voltage variable from 0.5 to 5.0 KV/sec.

Oil Insulation Test Kit

Oil Insulation Test Kit