The oil insulation test kit is intended to be used for testing of dielectric strength of insulating oil used in Transformer , Circuit breaker, CTs, PTs etc.

The test kit is fully automatic and has the facility for Auto/Manual selections. The operator simply needs the sample in the test vessel & selects the required test. Testing can be done as per many international ( IEC & European standards ) which are programmed into the instrument memory . Stand time, Stir times & Rate of rise of applied voltage can be selected in Custom Mode also , one set of such selected mode can also be stored in the memory.

In addition to the above set can also perform withstand test(proof) tests. In this test the set allows the set voltage to pre-set value & hold for one minute to see if breakdown occurs. The backlit LCD is used for user friendly operations during the test process. It also display fault condition messages such as open ground and cover open .

All the user selected programmes are chosen through(4x3) key pad. The test results can be printed along with with test type, date, time, breakdown test voltage, averages and deviations. Voltage value can be measured & printed with a resolution of 0.1kV. In reprint option it is possible to have number of printouts for the last test. For each test the readings are recorded and stored in memory.

All stored readings can be transferred via the RS-232 interface to PC. A safety interlock prevents access to the high voltage terminals during testing. The design ensures a high level of safety for the operator. The high voltage chamber is covered by a polycarbonate door.

  • 1. Power Supply : 230V AC+/-10%, 50Hz , Single phase.

  • 2. Voltage Range : 0 to 100kV AC.

  • 3. Shut down Sensitivity :5mA

  • 4. Shut Down Time : Less than 1ms

  • 5. Oil Test Cell : Transparent polycarbonate moulded. Volume 350-500ml.

  • 6. Gap Gauge : 1mm /2mm / 2.5mm and 4mm.

  • 7. Controls : Mains ON/OFF, HT ON/OFF, Hold, Stirrer ON/OFF,
    Timer ON/OFF, Auto/Manual Mode, Reset Switch.

  • 8. Features : Microprocessor control with following features Fully automatic Option to set
    • a) Stand time.
    • b) Stir time.
    • c) Rate of rise of voltage 0.5kV to 5kV adjustable
    • d) No. of test carried out as per selected standard.

  • 9. Port : RS 232 port interface to download data to PC.

  • 10. Trip Current : less than 10mA.

  • 11. Indication : 3 ½ Digit Panel Meter.

  • 12. Resolution : 0.1kV

  • 13. Accuracy : ± 1kV

  • 14. HV Transformer : 50kV-0-50kV with mid point earth , Double wound, air cooled, epoxy molded.

  • 15. Variac : Motorized.

  • 16. Cabinet :Powder coated sheet metal table top cabinet with lifting handles.

  • 17. Printer : Built-in-alphanumeric printer. Time & Dated result with standard deviation printed.

  • 18. Standards : IEC 156, IS 6792, ASTM D816, ASTM D877, UNE 21, BS 5730, BS5730a,BS 5874, Withstand Test, Proof Test, Custom Modes.

  • 19. Software : Windows based Data Acquisition software.

  • 20. Keypad : Quick test selection through 12Keys soft touch Keypad .

  • 21. Display : Large Backlit LCD Display to display Test Menu, Set up Screens, Test Result.

  • 22. Indications : Cover Open, Wait time, HT On, KV rise, Stir time, Stand(Settle)Time, Temp. & BDV.

  • 23.Beeps : Audible beep on Breakdown & Long beep on completion of test.

  • 24. Weight : less than 40kg.

  • 25. Storage Memory : 100 Test Results.

  • 26. Safety Features : Interlock on high voltage test chamber. Zero start protection. Double ground protection. All safety interlock to avoid shocks with indications. Protected against overloads & short circuits.

  • 27. Safety Standards : Meeting IEC 61010.

  • 28. EMI/EMC Standards : IEC/EN 61326

  • 29. Accessories : a) Mains Chord, Oil test vessels with adjustable electrodes.
    b) GO NO GO Guage for adjusting gap , Stirrer.
    c) Pairs of Mushroom, Spherical & Cylindrical electrodes and Optional Transportation case.
    d) Users/instruction manual.

  • 30. Temperature Range : Operating -10°C to 50°C Humidity Range : Less than 95%
    Storage - 10°C to 10°C

  • Fully Automatic Microcontroller Operation.

  • International Standard, Preprogrammed.
  • • IEC156, ASTMD877

  • • ASTMD1816,UNE21,IS: 6792

  • • BS 5730a



  • • WITHSTAND B / BS 5730





Automatic Oil Insulation Test Kit Model: OTS-PR-CG (100kV)

 Automatic Oil Test Systems