The Guard Tour System ( Spy Guard System )is a special product developed by Sivananda Electronics for the purpose of monitoring the movement and activity of patrolling guards, machine operators and technicians. It can be installed very easily and consists of maintenance free field installable key stations, long life battery powered clock units, a reader unit and a data acquisition and report generation software.

  • 1. Very durable, passive device with unlimited life cycle, suitable for use in harsh environments.

  • 2. No requirement of power as it draws its power from the RF energy generated from the clock unit.

  • 3. Each key station can be given a factory programmed 4 digit (upto 2048) unique ID code.

  • 4. Collection of dust or moisture does not affect performance.

Several Key stations each with unique ID are installed on critical check points in the patrolling route. Each guard is issued with a clock unit. The guard is required to place the clock unit on the key station on each check point. The clock unit reads the ID of the key station and records it with a time and date stamp. Likewise the guard collects the ID of all the key stations on the route with his clock unit. The data in the clock unit can be downloaded to the PC using the reader unit which is an interface to the PC. The data acquisition software helps to verify whether the actual route / schedule is followed and generates the reports.

The data read by the clock unit can neither be altered nor be deleted by the user. The same clock unit can be shared by different guards with different time schedule which is programmable and recognised by the software. Key stations can be installed on to critical machines and the maintenance technician can be given a clock unit. This helps to know at what time the technicians attended to each machine and how much time he took at each place.

The software offers very flexible, easily programmable options which make the Spy Guard a versatile systemmeeting varied requirements.

  • 1. Monitor the movement of patrolling guards.

  • 2. Keep a stationary guard alert by making him log to the key station at regular time intervals.

  • 3. Verify exactly what route and schedule an employee follows throughout the working shifts.

  • 4. Keep track of employees whose working duties require moving from place to place.

  • 5. Keep track of technicians in charge of remote inspection / Maintenance station.

Guard Tour System (for monitoring movement of patrolling guards )

Guard Tour Systems