Portable Conductivity Meter has been developed to facilitate easy determination of conductivity of non-ferrous metals based on eddy current principle. Instrument uses a probe which when placed on the surface of metal indicates conductivity on a linear scale panel meter.

The instrument can be used to measure stressed conditions if they can be related to the electrical conductivity of the specimen. Whilst the accuracy claimed is 2% however, for high conductivity samples as accuracy of better than 1% is easily obtained. The users can also, if desired, use their own sample of known conductivity in the region of interest to enhance the accuracy.

The instrument is supplied in a rugged carrying case which gives complete protection and has separate pocket for probe. The equipment can be used without removing it from the carrying case.

  • Direct Reading.

  • High Accuracy.

  • Very Compact.

  • Built in power supply of 9v dry battery.

  • Fast Response.

  • Measurement time less than 5 seconds per sample

  • Probes of different diameter(8mm,10mm,12mm).
  • 1. Weight of the instrument :: 1.5kg.

  • 2.Diameter of the test probe :: 8mm,10mm,12mm(One of the probes will be the available with the instrument).

  • 3. Thickness of sample :: 2mm for 20% and 0.8mm for 100% conductivity.

  • 4.Range of conductivity :: 20% To 105%.

  • 5. Accuracy :: Indicated Value: 1.5%.

  • 6.Power :: 9V Dry battery.

  • 7.Display :: 3^1/2 digit.

  • 1.Measurement of absolute conductivity of electric hardware and electric conductor made of copper,aluminium and their alloys.

  • 2. segregation of mixed lot of non ferrous metals.

  • 3. Determination of uniformity of heat treatment.

  • 4. Determination of homogeneity of metal.

  • 5. It can be used to ingots,forgings,sheets,castings,bars of finished parts,of any conductive material such as aluminium,copper,brass,gold,silver, and magnesium.it can also be used to detect the subsurface cracks on the metal.

  • 1. Hold the probe in knurled portion firmly.

  • 2. Press it gently on the metal under test,keeping it vertical to the plain of metal surface.Align the probein this condition will show lowest conductivity and will also be most accurate.

  • 3.It is recommended that prior to taking measurements,the equipment should be calibrated at 99% and 30% conductivity with the help of two controls and the two standard samples provided on the instruments.

  • 4. Instrument works on 9V dry battery pack periodically battery ma be checked with a push buttn provided on the front of panelif low battery indication obsere the instruments,it need to be replaced.

Digital Conductivity Meter

Digital Conductivity Meter