SIVA Cable Test System provides the most advanced accurate and economical method for measuring low frequency as well as high frequency testing of finished,semi-finished & laid up type multi paired cables.

The scanning fixtures are used to minimize the manual handling of cable conductors. Once the cable has been connected, a number of different tests can be conducted without disturbing the cable ends.

Self stripping knife edge contacts are used in testing fixture to provide electrical contacts. There is no need of stripping. Each clip can handle a wire diameter ranging between 0.35mm to 1.4mm.

The indigenously developed software is user friendly and menu-driven. Learning the operation procedure will hardly take three to four hours only. When used with software the entire testing operation is automated. The software automatically processes test data and generates test reports of various kinds including statistical information.

The SIVA CABLE TEST SYSTEM has evolved out wide experience in testing and measurement and continuous feedback from our existing reputed customers who are manufacturing telephone, Quad & different types of specialized cables.

Custom made models with different frequency ranges,different test parameter such as Resistance Unbalance,Characteristics Impedance etc. are also supplied as per client specifications.

  • 1. Fully auto operation.

  • 2. Non editable data saving and retrieving.Accurate detailed/non detailed /Brief reports.Siva cable test system has in built calibration standards which are automatically compared before each test.

  • 3. Works continuously in harsh climatic conditions.

  • 4. Precise bridges capable of measuring resistance,capacitance & capacitance unbalance.

  • 5. Accurate selective level meters and level oscillators for HF db measurements.

  • 6. A unique real time Bar Graph display facility on monitor while testing is in progress.Affordable price even for smaller cable manufacturing units.

  • 7. Customer wise (individual) software support.

The Auto RC-30H system measures the following parameters:

  • 1. Conductor Resistance

  • 2. Loop Resistance

  • 3. Resistance Unbalance

  • 4. Mutual Capacitance

  • 5. Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Pair (CUPP)

  • 6. Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Ground (CUPG)

  • 7. Attenuation

  • 8. Near End Cross Talk (NEXT)

  • 9. Fear End Cross Talk (FEXT)

  • 10. Characteristics Impedance

The measuring modules of the system incorporates accurate and precise Bridges capable of measuring resistance, resistance unbalance, capacitance, capacitance unbalance & selective level meters & level oscillators used for error free measurements of attenuation and cross talk.

Software is equipped with easy to handle run menu options for all measurements. A unique bar graph display is provided on the monitor who gives a real-time on-line analog representation of the parameter being measured.

Also a digital read-out of the system of current value being measured is provided in the right hand bottom corner of the display. This provides both raw and normalized value. It also provides information about current file.

The systems can store multiple specifications (highly details) according to which the measured values are compared to create a test report.The operator can simply enter the appropriate specifications number and the system will automatically select the tests to be performed and compare test data with specifications limits.

The data(user) files can be stored in the hard disc for later retrieval and analysis and these files are non-editable format.

SIVA can provide customer wise support to satisfy the individual hardware as well as software requirements.

The software controls every function through keyboard and also provides a real time bar graph display while test is in progress.

PC Based Quad Cable Test system Model: Auto RC-30H

Automatic Cable Test System