This set includes Bridge Model:MLS11DA & HV Supply model :HLS12A , Laptop based & necessary cables & very flexible, user friendly Visual C++ windows based Software. The use of Laptop & Windows based software makes the system more flexible easy to handle & accurate Data can be stored, Retrieved and analyzed at site.

Temp correction for the tan delta of object is automatically done as per IEC.Colored Screen analysis & graphical plotting of Tanδ Vs Voltage, TanδVs Time Complied IEC 61010, ASTM D999, EMI/EMCEN-61326, IEC61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-4,IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-4-8,IEC61000-4-11.

Suitable for measuring C & Tanδor generators, transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, motors at various test voltages upto 12KV.

  • 1. Automatic Measurement of Capacitance & Tandelta as per the test plan by autobalancing.No need of manual balancing.Automatic voltage setting through software.

  • 2. Indication of Leakage current.

  • 3. Data logging with graph of voltage vs Tandelta to know the tandelta gradient & data analysis for comparison with old results / manufacturer's data.

  • 4. As per IEC Temperature correction for Tandelta @ 20Deg.

  • 5. Executes all the test modes/voltage automatically once fed .

  • 6. ON site printout.

  • 7. Automatic interference suppression suitable for extraneous conditions in 400KV switchyard under heavy induction.

  • 8) More than 10000 Results Data-storage. 9) Built in Temperature and Humidity
Measurements : The system will provide following Information.
CAPACITANCE 10pF to 80nF @ 12kV 0.01pF ±0.5% of the reading
±1 pF in UST Mode
VOLTAGE Measurement 100V –12 KV 1.0V ±1% of reading
CURRENT Measurement 0 – 450 mA
200mA Continuous
300mA for 2Minutes
450mA for 1 minute
1mA ±1 %, ±1digit
POWER FACTOR 0-1 0.01%(0.0001) ±0.5% of the reading ±0.0002
POWER INPUT 230 Volts±10%,50Hz . Single phase.
POWER OUTPUT 0-12KV , 200mA Continuous, 300mA for 2Min, 450mA for 1Min
TEST FREQ. Independent of Line frequency from 45Hz to 70Hz settable
Temp. Correction IEC Temperature Correction for Tan Delta Values.
DATA STORAGE More than 10000 results storage memory.
INDICATION Large Coloured graphical LCD / LED on Laptop.
KEY BOARD Multikey, alphanumeric Keypad on Laptop.
SOFTWARE Windows based analysis software for Tanδ Vs Time, Tanδ Vs Volts.
OTHER PARAMETERS Apparent Power, True Power, Reactive Power.
IN BUILT STD CAPACITOR SF6 Capacitance- 100pF ± 0.5%, Tan delta< 1 x10-4
RESONATING INDUCTOR Optional useful to increase the current rating suitable to measure 1.1 μF@ 10KV by expanding current capcity upto 4Amp.
PROTECTIONS Zero Start, Interlocks, Open Ground, Over Current, Over Voltage,Over Temperature, Foot switch for HV ON.
CABLES HV Cable – 20 M length,12KV ,Double screened with hooks & clamps. One number spare additional HV cable. LV Cable – 20 M length, screened cable, with hooks & clamps.-2Nos. Grounding Cable – 20M & 10M length with clips –2Nos. Footswitch – Footswitch with 5 Meter length cable. Interconnecting Cables, Mains chord, PC& Printer Cable.
CALIBRATOR BOX With one Capacitance & 3 Tan Delta values.Test Voltage 2KV.
CARRING CASES Suitable foam padded carring cases for Bridge & Power Supply.Carrying Bag for Cables , Carrying Bag for Laptop.
TEMP & HUMIDITY 10° C – 50° C with HUMIDITY : 30% Rh -90% Rh.
SAFETY SPECS Complying IEC 61010.
EMI/EMC SPECS Complying EN 61326.

Automatic C & Tan delta Bridge Model : MLS-11DA & HLS12A

automatic capacitance and tan delta bridge