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Home / Products / Test & Measuring Instruments / Million Megohm Meter (Insulations Testers)
Million Megohm Meter
Model : Insulations Testers

This series of Million Megohm Meters are designed to test electronic components such as paper Capacitors, Plastic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Insulators, Semi Conductors, Switches, Connectors, transformers, Motors etc. as per I. S. I. recommendations.

The instruments have facility for checking insulation resistance in the range of 1 meg ohm to 10 million meg ohm after one minute of charging. Ultra stabilized power supply (.001% short term drift) permits measurements of intrinsic value of insulation resistance if required, even with capacitive loads. Separate push button controls and visual indicators for "Charge", and "Discharge" function are ideally suited for rapid and safe testing of components in a factory. Maximum output current has been limited to safe value to eliminate the risk of serious shock to operators. The instruments are available in five models as per specifications given overleaf.


  • Push Button Controls for rapid testing.
  • Tests as per I. S. I. recommendations.
  • Wide measurements range
  • Fully protected against all overload
    and short circuits.
  • Completely solid state circuitry, hence
    drift free operation.
  • Guard Terminal provided.
  • Suitable for testing ' EARTHED' Samples.
  • Suitable for testing insulation liquids (Resistivity measurements) with oil cell as per IS : 335

D.C. Voltages:  
Model LS3A 100V, 250V 500V 1KV & 2.5KV ± 2%
Model LS3B 63V, 100V & 500V ± 2%
Model LS3C 100V, 250V, 500V & 1KV ± 2%
Model LS3D ± 500V
Model LS3E 10 Meg W to 10 Meg W in six ranges - 50 to 1000V DC
continuously variable with 0.001% short term stability.
Resistance Range 1 Meg to 10 Meg in 6 ranges.
Indication 4¼ ”Taut Band Panel Meter.
Overload Protection Fully protected against wrong selection of breakdown of
components under test.
Warm up time One minute
Power Supply 230V AC ± 15%, 50 Hz Single Phase
Weight Less than 7 Kg.
Dimensions 435 x 345 x 192mm
Notes: Special modes for test voltage between 5V & 10,000 are available as per customers specifications. Model LS-3D specially designed for checking oil resistivity with3 Terminal Oil Cell as per I.S.I.Special models with digital readout & battery accuracy are also available. Special Models with simultaneous indication of resistance as well as leakage current are also available. Special Models with built-in timer and electronic Go-No-Go facility are also available.


To keep pace with the latest technology Sivananda Electronics reserves the right to update it's system. Hence, information in the brochure is likely to change without notice.

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Over 250 Innovative Products Caters priority sectors - Defense, Power, Communication, Railways
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