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Home / Products / Test & Measuring Instruments  / Digital Surge Tester (Model : DT205)
Digital Surge Tester
Model : DT205

The basic function and voltage range are all same as ST-210E. Here output will be available in only one channel as there is no need for connecting the master coil / motor every time. You can store the waveform of all the types of coils digitally in memory. When testing a particular type, the stored waveform is called and the waveform of the tested coil is compared with it. The operator can do the comparison manually or the software can automatically compare the waveforms, and give you a pass/fail result.

The built-in monitor provides the display of waveforms and the user interface menu. The control and operation is very easy as the software is fully menu driven. There is facility for storing standard test programs.

The DT-205/210 has printer interface for directly taking printouts of waveforms. It also has a PC interface and can be hooked up to your PC for downloading all the data using our special communication software.

The digital tester is very useful when testing motors at site. You can test all the motors. Store all the results in memory. Then take either printouts or download all data to your PC for analysis. The stored historic data can be used for comparison during periodic testing and the data can be used to monitor the condition of the motor.


The Surge Comparison Tester is useful for conducting Surge Test on:-

  1. A.C. Motor Windings and Coils.

  2. D.C. Traction Motor and Generator Armatures and field coils.

Technical Specifications

Max. Surge Voltage :5KV/10KV
Max. Surge Current :250 Amps
Max. Surge Energy : 1Joule/channel
Surge Capacitance per channel : 0.02MFD
Test Piece Inductance : 0.06 mH to 200mH
Repetition Rate : 50HZ
Surge duration (typical) : 13 - 300 microsec
Input Voltage : 230V ( ) 10V/50Hz
Display : Built-inLCD
Dimension (W X H X D) : 540 X 400 X 600
Weight : 36 Kgs.
Max. D.C. Voltage : 5KV/10KV
Max. output current (limited) : 1 mA
Trip current (automatic) : 10/100/1000 micro A

The Surge Comparison Tester contains surge voltage generation and indication sections. The amplitude of the generated surge voltage can be varied from 0 to 10,000 volts. This voltage is applied to the coils under test and the resultant damped sinusoidal oscillations This oscillatory pattern reflects the inter turn insulation and earth/ground faults. The surge tester has two positions of testing.

C.1. Power on Switch
C.2. Automatic Voltage setting
C.3. Voltage Measurement
(0 5000/10,000 volts)
C.4. Sockets for power input.
C.5. Red lamp to indicate surge on
C.6. Built-in LCD Display is provided to

Standard Accessories Supplied With DT-205

  1. EHT cable leads for connecting surge outputs
  2. Power input cable with 5A plug.

Optional Accessories

  1. Three contact Armature Test Probe.
  2. Bar-to-bar armature test probe
  3. Three phase test select switch (to be ordered with the equipment)
  4. RS232 Port & Data Down Loading Facility.
To keep pace with the latest technology Sivananda Electronics reserves the right to update it's system. Hence, information in the brochure is likely to change without notice.

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Over 250 Innovative Products Caters priority sectors - Defense, Power, Communication, Railways
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